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IGM Group


1. Rebrand
2. Creative Direction
3. Campaign Creation
4. Website Design
5. Print Design
6. Project Management
7. Merchandising and Apparel


Feb 2022

IGM Group approached me with the idea of rebranding their business to match their growth goals and business objectives. Mostly, they were misrepresented by their own brand.

A reverse brief saw us take the group to new heights with hard hitting and emotional branding whilst establishing differentiations between their different service offers and pillars.

We took the rebrand and dissected it into multiple phases.
Phase 1 included;
Brand Story, Brand Voice, Elevator Pitch, Noble Purpose, Attributes, Brand Wheel, Benefits, Core Values, Brand Essence, Brand Clarity, What the Brand is, what the Brand isn't and Customer Journey

Phase 2 included;
Logotypes Primary and Secondary, Colour Palette and Applications, Typography, Iconography, Stationary, Patterns and Monograms, Image Style Guide, Design Layouts, Social Media Applications, Brochure and Marketing Collateral Design, Advertising Treatments, Merchandising Applications, Copyrighting Guidelines and Editorial Guidelines

Post first 2 phases we commenced web design and development.

The result saw an increase in web traffic by 400% achieved in the first 2 months of rebrand and launch. An increase of lead conversions due to correct representation and brand experience, whilst strengthening their brand in their industry to be a leader.

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