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Habitat Chipping Norton


1. Creative Direction
2. GTM Planning
3. Marketing & Sales Strategy
4. Project Branding
5. Display Suite
6. Settlement Gifting Guide & Creation

My first company Investor Agents, emerged from a need for high-end and well-executed project sales and marketing for off the plan projects. The first project I put into motion was Habitat in Chipping Norton, a boutique townhouse complex that I was able to brand from concept to completion including sales, which achieved sell-out within 2 months and for 13% above market price whilst there was x3 development within the vicinity which did not sell.

- The developer was required to sell 50% of the project off the plan to securing construction funding.
- The initial finishes were very standard with a bland scheme in colour and appliances.

- Create a brand strategy and a GTM plan for the development.
- Understand our buyer personas and their demographics to strategise better design and aesthetic appeal resulting in quicker sales.
- Reassessed the whole architectural finishes and found better alternatives which didn’t exceed the allowed budget, in fact some finishes resulted in saving on budget, all the while appealing greatly to the target buyers.
- Design and create a display suite showing finishes and aesthetic. Given 90% of our buyers would be young families, I wanted to create an experience where one could envision living at Habitat.

- Naming Convention & Tone of Project
- Project Branding (Logo & stationary)
- CGI Rendered Images
- Web Design
- Display Suite Design & Interior Decorating
- Sales Brochures
- Floorplan Creation

- Higher quality leads
- Sold in 2 months
- Sale prices exceeded the market expectations by at least 13% setting a new suburb record
- Developer had all holding deposits and funds in the solicitors trust before laying the first brick

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