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Crown Entertainment | A Crown Sports Management Brand


1. Brand Creation
2. Creative Direction
3. Brand Style Guide
4. Sensory Branding Development
5. Print & Digital Design
6. Project Management


July 2022

Crown Entertainment is a brand created by M.Tartak founder of Crown Sports Management. I was approached by Mr. Tartak to create a design a brand that felt premium, exclusive, extraordinary, sexy but professional.

What I wanted to capture most was creating a brandmark that could be developed and remembered.

I had creative freedom to experiment with sensory branding for events held by Crwon Entertainment. Such things like touch, smell, taste and visual.
Single Malt Whisky
M.J Bale Suits
and a 1970s DB6 Aston

Incarnation of a brand, essense and experience, designed for a first class experience.

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