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  • What the FAQ is this?
    An interactive way to get to know Creative Director, Lily G. Because intro's can be a lot more fun and a lot less mediocre. Quickly navigate through information you want to know whilst hiding all the other bits you want to skim over for now.
  • What is Lily's primary area of expertise?
    Lily is a creative powerhouse with expertise in branding, web design, and creative direction. She specialises in developing brand identities, crafting compelling visual narratives, and executing seamless digital designs.
  • What industries has Lily worked with before?
    Lily has an extensive portfolio working with clients in diverse fields such as creative arts, media, high fashion, property, luxury automotive and editorial, to name a few. Her comprehensive range of experience allows her to cater to a broad spectrum of clients with varying needs.
  • How does Lily incorporate ecommerce understanding into her designs?
    Lily understands that an effective design doesn't just look good; it performs well too. Her knowledge of ecommerce landscape allows her to create designs that attract and convert visitors into customers. This includes optimising for user experience, mobile responsiveness, and organic lead generation.
  • Can Lily cater to international clients?
    Absolutely. Lily's work transcends borders. She has successfully collaborated with both local and international clients, adhering to their unique requirements and cultural considerations.
  • What makes Lily different from other creative directors?
    Lily combines her award-winning creative expertise with a deep understanding of brand strategy, web design and development and ecommerce. Her approach to design is holistic, ensuring not just beautiful, but also high-performing, purposeful, and impactful solutions.
  • Have I seen you before?
    You may have seen me on Chanel 9 Life or on HGTV. When I'm not busy playing with and managing brands, I occasionally appear on House Hunters International as the Sydney host. Eleven episodes and counting. Can confirm that blondes do not have more fun than brunettes.
  • Outside of Work - Hobbies, likes, dislikes ?
    Hobbies; - Buying books, reading them years later. - Writing to-do lists for everything (just to make sure I forget nothing). - Cooking (mostly entrees and mains, never desserts, why? ask me when we meet). Likes; - Giving guests a tour of my house like I'm on MTV Cribs. - Performing house chores in ballgowns (didnt pay $1000 to wear a dress once, no thank you) Dislikes; - When waiters dont give enough parmesan.
  • How can I get started with Lily on a project?
    Lily believes in giving her undivided attention to every project, which is why she works with a select number of clients at a time. This ensures that the quality of her work is always at its highest and the execution is immaculate. Because of this dedication to excellence, she typically operates on a waitlist system. However, she invites you to get in touch via the Contact section on this website. She would be delighted to hear about your project, discuss how she can help turn your creative collaboration into something spectacular, and provide timeline projections. Your creative journey with Lily is just a call, contact form or email away.
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